Product Description

  • The BM53000 wheel play detector is a strong tester with two strong steel plates – one for each wheel.
  • The wheel play detector features a range of options that allow for a customized configuration.
  • Robust and long lasting:
    • All steel is of highest quality and hot galvanized.
    • Can be supplied in a minimum configuration and still allows for later upgrade to all options.
  • Plates are moved horizontally in 8 different directions by the operator.
    • Movement can be controlled manually, automatically in selected directions or as a 10 cycle ‘box movement’ sequence.
  • Remote control with a keypad to control each movement and integrated flash light functionality.
    • Cabled or radio linked to the control system.


  • Radio linked remote control avoids expensive downtime due to cable damage and the operator is not restricted in his work.
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